3 How to cure Premature Ejaculation permanently?
How To Cure PE Permanently

Publish : 28 June 2022

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Imagine you want to ride a car for a long time, and it breaks down in between; what would be your reaction? You will feel the same when you want to hold your ejaculation; it flows out within a few seconds. 

Never get negative when a sexual climax (Ejaculation) happens before time. Situations are always meant to happen when you are having sex, and you just flush off your sperms just after a few seconds.

Let me get straight to the point; Premature Ejaculation is a condition in most men. It's not a curse but a condition that can be overcome. PE is something that a person can't hold onto during the ejaculation process during sex, not even for 2 minutes.

According to a study by the British population, people aged between 16-64 have been through this condition. This condition can come and go, but it needs to be handled with proper guidance.

Don't worry, I will make sure to answer the best possible way to cure Premature Ejaculation. Some questions always arise within men about what makes an ejaculation flow quickly out of you. I'll start with the very first question, which is more curious about people is that,

What Makes The Person Ejaculate?

Any person in the world needs to satisfy their own sexual needs. Hormones are something that causes a person get to indulge in the sexual process. As you mature and know about sexual activities, you tend to feel, which eventually goes up to ejaculating in the first senses when you think about sex.

When it comes to sexual ejaculation, time plays a very big role. To make it possible for a longer duration, you need to control. 

Ejaculation happens when you are sexually stimulated. It works when the signals are sent to your brain via the spinal cord. Once you are in a state of excitement within the process of being sexually active, your brain will send the signals to your reproductive organs. This will make you ejaculate from your penis.

Premature Ejaculation Caused? 

  • Reasons

Premature ejaculations happen due to various reasons, such as psychological or biological factors. There are various reasons for causing PE: hyperactive reflexes, over-sensitive genital skin, uncommon sexual activities, and other stress.

  • Psychological nd lifestyle

Other factors that make a person go through the condition are genetics, fear of performance during sex, Early sexual experiences, guilt, or infection. In a lifestyle, a person should not consume much alcohol or substance that can harm the penis to flow off semen too quickly.

  • Fear of performance with your partner.

Premature ejaculation can embarrass a person due to sexual fear in front of the partner. Frustration that builds up due to not making it up for a perfect sexual intimacy will make the person lose their self-confidence. 

  • Age and Premature Ejaculation

Age is not a core reason for PE. It can happen with any person, no matter what age. I would like to get in front of you because older people can see changes in firm erection and ejaculation processes. The feeling of the ejaculation will be for the short term. This would make the older people ejaculate before the climax. Schapiro, Bernard. "Premature ejaculation: a review of 1130 cases." The Journal of Urology 50.3 (1943): 374-379.

Can PE Be Cured Permanently?

Premature ejaculation can never be cured permanently. Also, It cannot be faced by people permanently. In a way, PE can happen to a person and can also be overcome with a few techniques and medicines. Premature ejaculation can be cured only in the people who have suffered the condition due to psychological factors or lifestyle changes.

There are some medical solutions that can help you with overcoming the condition. It is always said that if you hold on before ejaculating, that can make it more satisfying during sex. Ogunyemi, Oreoluwa. "Is Premature Ejaculation Curable? How to Cure PE Permanently."

Things You Cn Do To Overcome Premature Ejaculation.

You need to know how to deal with the condition that can be overcome. So here are some of the techniques that you can try and make your condition wipe out from your life. 

  • Thinking Differently

Whenever you are in a sexual process, you must have a divisionary thought to last long. Once you have different thoughts in your mind, you will tend to change the phase from being overactive and involved in sexual activity to the normal level of pleasure. This technique has worked on many people and has been an effective way to deal with Premature Ejaculation.

  • Start-Pause Technique

This is very important when you are having sex. For staying up for a long time, you need to have a start and pause technique in your mind. Whenever you feel like ejaculating, you need to stop the penetration process and just pause the moment. Once the feeling of ejaculating goes away, you can start the process again. This technique would help you to get out of the condition. 

  • Squeeze It

Whenever you are about to ejaculate the sperms, hold on. Squeeze the head of the penis and hold your sperms to come out. Once you get normal, you can start with the intercourse again. Yes, this process needs an interruption in between, but you need to make your partner comfortable with the scenario. 

  • Pills For Controlling PE.

If you cannot make it with the natural method, then you can have supplements that can help you with the condition. Various medications will make you erect and deal with premature ejaculation. Medications such as Lexapro, Paroxetine, and sertraline can be a savior for you to deal with controlling the sperms getting off from the penis for a longer duration. 

  • Exercise That You Can Opt

There have been successful results with the exercises a man can do to cure the possibility of Premature Ejaculation. 

You can opt for doing pelvic floor exercises. This exercise has been the most helpful one for treating PE. It will help you to delay the ejaculation process. If these exercises have been followed to overcome the condition, you can be cured with the anti-medication process.

  • Therapy

Sex therapy will make you work on your condition and help you with controlling your sexual feeling. This therapy would be the best for people suffering from PE due to psychological factors. 

  • Creams Or Sprays For Numbing 

Put the numbing cream on the penis head before having sex and wash it off 10 minutes before having sex. If you keep the cream on the penis for a long time, the erection will go off. Never have vaginal sex when you have put the cream; otherwise, it will numb the vagina. If you wear a condom, it will help you to have a dull sensation. Kaplan, Helen Singer. How to overcome premature ejaculation. Routledge, 2013.

There are chances of treating the condition of PE by consuming the medicine that treats ED. There are various medicines such as viagra, Tadalafil and few others. This might help you get over the problem of Premature ejaculation. There would be side effects such as headache and indigestion.

Exercise can be a mode of overcoming PE conditions. Exercise will help you to make your muscles strong and strengthen your pelvic floor area. This will control the bladder and genitals. In return to that, Genitals will act strong and help you control from quick ejaculation and will help you in PE.


In conclusion, There are many reasons that most men in the world suffer from dysfunctions such as PE. It happens because men lose the ejaculation latency in a short time. PE is not a severe problem unless you see that as severe. The techniques mentioned can make it possible for you to get out of the condition you face. 

Curing premature ejaculation permanently is not true. You can get over the conditions by using medicine or other possible ways. 

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Curing premature ejaculation permanently is not true. You can get over the conditions by using medicine or other possible ways.